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ABOUT A.W. Carter

We provide the highest quality cabinetry and furniture products to customers around the world. We build all our own cabinets and furniture at our shop, located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, Utah. 

Having a small shop has its own challenges, but it also has its benefits. Having a group of highly skilled employees who take pride in their work, passing it along to our customers is what AWC is about. 

We don't just build your cabinets or furniture with any products available, we have developed strong relationships with local suppliers who also share the same goals on providing their customers with the best products in the industry. 

We thank you for your time, and looking forward to how we can help you with your projects. 

More about  A.W. Carter

In 2008, after several years working in the custom furniture industry, Aaron W. Carter began to explore starting his own business. Carter had a reputation for his exceptional workmanship and relationships with high-end interior designers. 

Today, pieces of A.W. Carter Fine Furniture may be found in many countries around the world from France and Italy, to Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and of course throughout the United States.

A. W. Carter

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